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Timely - The best appointment management system in the universe.

Timely is cloud-based software, meaning you can access your schedule from anywhere. It works beautifully on PC, Mac, tablets and smartphones. There’s no software to install, you get upgrades automatically. Your data is secure and backed up for you. 

Any device, anywhere

Timely integrates seamlessly with Vend online POS software.

It all starts with the calendar

Timely has a beautiful calendar. You can flick between Month, Week and Day views, drag and drop bookings, filter for specific locations and staff, color your products, view pending bookings at a glance, easily see notifications like contra-alerts or VIP customers and lots more.

Your bookings can also be synced with other calendars including Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar or Apple Calendar.

Bookings that work the way you do

Add, edit and remove bookings with ease. Save hours of time by setting up recurring bookings. Pencil-in, rebook, no-show, cancel or reschedule with the click of a button.

Use “busy time” to block off your calendar for lunch, meetings or to just have a break!

Online bookings

With Timely you get online bookings out of the box.

Pop a booking button on your website and customers can book bookings online in a few easy steps, anywhere, any time, from any device — including smartphones.

Bookings can be instantly booked or you can accept/decline them from your calendar. You decide!

SMS and email reminders

Reduce no shows by up to 80% with SMS & email reminders to the customer prior to their booking.

You’re in safe hands with Timely

  • Your data is secure, private and always backed up
  • All accounts come with free support
  • Completely web based - access your account from anywhere
  • No minimum contracts
  • Any currency, any time zone support